2 miscarriages + 2 ectopic pregnancies – my fallopian tubes = a little bit of hope

Follow my journey as I come to terms with two ectopic pregnancies and the removal of both my fallopian tubes two life saving procedures within 6 months.

Hang out with me while I work out how to communicate with my partner and how to convince him to still marry me even though there are undoubtedly better options out there. I will be looking at fertility options, researching how to make it all work and scraping the money together to pay for it all. We thought having a child was expensive. Now we have to pay to manufacture one.

About Me

Four pregnancies and no babies have brought me here. Writing about it helps. If reading about it helps you then I am happy to be of service. As I find out information on my journey I will share it. Hopefully this journey of despair will become a success story that will give someone else some hope one day


Please get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions or if you are just looking for a friend through all this